Box office MX: Scooby Doo releases a -small- bark


They are other times, without a doubt. Just in January of this year, a (good) Mexican animation debuted at the box office with very discreet numbers: La Liga de los 5. Does anyone remember it? Surely not, because it barely scratched the top 10, with $ 5 million pesos (MDP) and just over 100,000 viewers in its first 4 days.

Eight months later, Scooby Doo added $ 5.5 million pesos at the box office (that is, not far from La Liga de los 5) and with it became 1st place and the best post-phase orange premiere in theaters in Mexico. Its 108 thousand viewers exceed those of ALL the films combined last week (107,400 viewers)

Indeed: the revenues of theaters in Mexico –although they are still very small– are beginning to make significant leaps week after week. Thus, we went from $ 2.8 million pesos at the beginning of the month to $ 7.0 last week (with the opening of cinemas in CDMX) and now to $ 12.7 million pesos (with the State of Mexico).

In a realistic scenario, Scooby Doo will end up raising $ 20-25 million, that is, $ 1 million. Just to put it in perspective, the horrible live-action versions of 2002 and 2004 totaled $ 10.8 and $ 9.2 million, respectively in Mexico. Yes, we already know that a dollar then cost half, but it is shocking to know that this delivery will only make a tenth of its predecessors.

Fernanda Castillo, the quintessential box-office magnet, made her debut in 2nd place with a horror movie. Be careful what you wish for added $ 1.5 million on 668 screens, and thus became the best Mexican debut of this new era. The other national proposal, School for seducers, fell to 6th, with $ 373 thousand pesos and an accumulated amount of $ 2.2 million.

In 3rd place was La Cacería, which in 4 weeks adds $ 5.2 million pesos and remains in 287 theaters. In 4th, another film that was also first place: Escape from Pretoria, which in its 6th week adds $ 635 thousand pesos, bringing its accumulated to $ 3.7 million pesos.

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