‘Escape Room’ sequel confirmed


When a movie is profitable, it is a Hollywood thing to try to stretch its success in the form of different sequels. This has already happened with franchises like ‘Paranormal Activity’ and the movie ‘Escape Room’ could be Sony’s new (and most profitable) bet on terror. Having cost $ 10 million, the film has grossed more than $ 115 million worldwide, with the Hollywood Reporter now confirming that the film will have a sequel featuring original director Adam Robitel behind the scenes.

In the first part, which will hit our theaters on March 15, we will see a Escape Room: Tournament of Champions movie group of strangers participating in a challenge in the form of an escape room in the hope of winning a prize of $ 10,000. Once the game begins, they will realize that there is much more at stake than a cash prize, as they will risk their lives in each new challenge.

This sequel is scheduled to hit theaters on April 17, 2020, a sequel that if it works would be the confirmation of a new horror franchise that will delight fans of ‘Cube’ and ‘Saw’, giving us new and ingenious tests that the poor protagonists will have to overcome. Is there a desire?

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