Kenny Ortega, the creator of “High School Musical”, has another phenomenon ready


The young generation lives in a world where everything is available, with a lot of information and choice, making it more difficult than ever to capture their attention. I think we can do it, ”says Ortega from his residence in Southern California, excited to launch his project.

At 70, the filmmaker and choreographer has a long history of credits that have caused a sensation throughout generations: He worked on “Dirty Dancing” (1987), created the “High School Musical” trilogy (2006-2008) , he designed Madonna’s dance on “Material Girl” and has led tours of artists as varied as Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus), Cher and Michael Jackson.

His bet for 2020 is “Julie and the Phantoms”, a series in which its protagonist -Julie- is a student who loses her love for music after experiencing the death of her mother, until she discovers that she can contact the members of a musical band that passed away in the mid-1990s.

Only she can see them, except when they all play together and the rest of the world watches her live.

“I was looking to form a band, because I see this series as something bigger than a television fiction, I see it as an album, a live tour.”, describes the creator.

It is difficult to erase the smile of Ortega, who not only speaks with enthusiasm about his new project, but also falls apart thinking of its full potential.

The director has experience in unfolding to the maximum the possibilities of an idea.

“High School Musical” was born as a television movie and in the end there were three installments that hit theaters and launched a whole generation of stars.

Then “The Descendants” became a trilogy of musicals and he wants the same with his brand new series. Although he admits the challenges of the moment.

“Now the public has more and more choices,” he reasoned. When we did ‘High School Musical’ we didn’t have social media. But also, when I was a child, I went to the encyclopedia to find an answer and they were born with everything on their phone ”.

His secret to conquer the time of an audience mired in distractions such as TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and other immediate platforms is “a good story, with lots of music, ghosts, surprises, passion and hopes.”

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