Mortal Kombat ask Gal Gadot to play Kitana


The movie ‘Mortal Kombat’, recently released in theaters, has liked fans, who are already thinking about what its sequel will be like, about which there is still not much information. Some of them have thought that the Israeli actress Gal Gadot would be ideal to play one of the most well-known characters, Princess Kitana.

The artist Boss Logic has expressed it like this on his social networks: “I was watching the original Mortal Kombat full movie yesterday and I agreed that Gal Gadot could play another princess, she even looks like the original Kitana.” In addition, he has accompanied this publication with a recreation of the actress as the aforementioned character.

Faced with the shared image, many have been encouraged to insist on Boss Logic’s request. Gal Gadot is about an actress who enjoys great popularity after her participation in the films of the DC universe, especially in ‘Wonder Woman 1984’. At the moment, the Israeli has not commented on the matter.

Kitana’s character
Kitana is a 10,000 year old princess and she led an army to defeat her stepfather, the villain Shao Kahn. In addition, the history of her video games has been romantically related to Liu Kang, another of the clearest protagonists of this saga.

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