Mortal Kombat!! Watch the first trailer for the film


The first thing we notice is that on the tape we will have the famous Fatalities. Mortal Kombat is not the same without them and the movie will respect the brutality of these final attacks. Regardless of whether you are a ninja with powers, a god or an ordinary human, the movie is not going to hold back.

So several characters are going to die? Rest assured, but fear not because death has less meaning Mortal Kombat movie in this franchise. Any connoisseur of video games knows that the dismemberment of someone will not prevent them from magically returning under an excuse that they do not even bother to explain.

Fortunately we have the confirmation of numerous classic characters. Apparently it will be a party of blood and gore.

Kano, Sonya, Liu Kang, Raiden, Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Mileena, Jax, Kung Lao, Shang Tsung and Goro are just some of those that we glimpse for a few seconds. The main complaint from fans is the obvious absence of Johnny Cage and with good reason; How is it that someone so popular in the franchise could be forgotten?

But let’s not rush, as this is only the first advance. Mortal Kombat is no newbie to the world of movies and they are surely saving the best for last.

As we expected, the plot will be located in a new Mortal Kombat tournament. However, the details outside of this obviousness are not very clear.

Will it be based on a video game? Sure, but that doesn’t mean you will take some risks that will take unexpected turns. The franchise’s story is one that has taken several paths over the years and the film is under no obligation to follow anything to the letter.

What’s more, the more freedom they have to tell the story, the better. In the trailer we see that Sub-Zero is the one who takes Jax’s arms, something that never happened in video games. This adds the element of surprise and allows us to enjoy the characters under another landscape.

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