Movie “Scoob” will not wait for the reopening of cinemas and will be released on the Internet: Where and how much does it cost?


In order not to delay their plans for 2020, Warner Bros. studios decided to launch the premiere of the movie “Scoob”, based on the popular dog Scooby Doo, on May 15, regardless of whether the cinemas remain closed due to the coronavirus.

Part of the anime’s appeal is in the cast of stars who voiced the characters. As we know, Scooby Doo is a dog that accompanies a group of four investigators: Daphne, Vilma, Fred and Shaggi.

Zac Efron voiced Fred, Amanda Seyfried voiced Daphne, Gina Rodríguez voiced Vilma, comedian Will Forte voiced Shaggi, and Scooby Doo will voiced experienced animation actor Frank Welker, also known for voicing Megatron, in Transformers.

Although everyone knows what the story is about, “Scoob!” presents a novelty, and is a trip to the origin of the group, as it had not been told how the members met and their beginnings solving mysteries.

According to Warner, in addition to knowing the origin of this group of friends, they will solve another mystery: “A plot to free the ghost dog Cerberus on the world. As they compete to stop this global “apocalypse,” the gang discovers that Scooby has a secret legacy and an epic destiny greater than anyone imagined. ”

The film, directed by Tony Cervone, comes to refresh the original plot of the producer Hanna Barbera when he premiered the animated series for television in 1969. The production achieved great success throughout the world during the transmission of its 24 seasons.

Warner’s strategy is to achieve the premiere of this family film in quarantine times, as happened a few weeks ago with the premiere of “Trolls World Tour” by Universal Picture.

Although “Scoob” will be released in the digital world, it is not free. The film will be available on Amazon for a digital purchase of $ 25 and a digital rental of up to 48 hours for $ 20.

The producer hopes that the film will be well received and wants “that families can enjoy it while spending time at home.”

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