‘Scooby’ is already on the billboard. A perrona friendship!


The origin of a friendship and its significance are present in Scooby !, which is already on the billboards of movie theaters in Nuevo León. The film, directed by Tony Cervone, takes an approach to unknown moments of this Hanna Barbera classic, which adds an emotional element to the story.

“I am very excited to tell the origin, we are going to see when they were children, the moment they saw each other for the first time, how friendship is formed, the spark … how they meet the gang, they solve their first mystery; we decided to do that special and magical moment, and I think we did it, they are going to love it.

“In the movie we go to the whole world, there are crowds, great action scenes, monsters, it is epic … but they will be even more surprised from the heart, that they are Scooby and Shaggy, characters that we love and that we will see them at once deeper way, “says the director.

In the original English version, the animated film features the voices of Will Forte (Shaggy), Zac Efron (Fred), Amanda Seyfried (Daphne), Gina Rodríguez (Vilma) and Mark Wahlberg (Blue Falcon).

As a plus, the film has the appearance of other characters from Hanna Barbera’s Universe such as Captain Caveman and the son of Blue Hawk (Brian Crown) and Dynamite, The Wonder Dog.

Due to the pandemic, Nuevo León was behind in premieres. Among the new films on screen are: The Secret: Dare to Dream, Beware What You Wish For, The New Mutants, Avalanche: Disaster on the Mountain, Modern Loves. On September 10, the Wedding Planner and Spies will arrive in a herd.

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