The film begins ten years ago, when a dejected Norville “Shaggy” Rogers, as a child, wanders along a beach boardwalk alone and without friends, when he suddenly runs into a Great Dane puppy who is fleeing the police for stealing a spinning top. meat in a Greek restaurant. The boy baptizes the dog as “Scooby Dooby Doo” and they begin a long-lasting friendship involving other little ones -Vilma, Dafne and Fred- whom they meet on Halloween during a raid to a haunted house to retrieve some sweets.

With the passage of time they decide to form a company, “Misterios S.A.” dedicated to solving supernatural events that, in the end, always ends up being the work of some ambitious individual who could get away with it if it weren’t for those nosy guys.

Cut to the present and now the youngsters find their forked paths when Vilma, Dafne and Fred, all ambitious for professional and monetary growth, must let go of Scooby and Shaggy because a benefactor (renowned reality TV judge SimonCowell) will not sponsor “Mysteries SA ” if those two are part of the team.

But the scruffy teenager and his dog will find company with a superhero named Fabulman, his robotic canine companion Dynamite and the intrepid DiDi Sykes, who will defend Scooby from the multiple attempts of the villain Pierre Nodoyuna to kidnap him, since he is the direct descendant of Pieras, Alexander the Great’s pet, and the only one who can open the mystical portal to free the fabled Cerberus … and retrieve his long-awaited furry friend Muttley, imprisoned in the underworld by the fault of Pierre himself.

There are seven people credited with the script of this film, and it is presumably that each one did it by their own authority without any cohesive force, because only in this way is the disjointed and dispersed plot that throws the viewer into various thematic paths explained, since in addition to the previously exposed, we also have the troubled dynamics that exist between Fabulman and Dynamite as a result of the complexes of the first to emulate his successful superhero father while possessing an ego of those.

The conflicts that arise between Vilma, Dafne and Fred because of the immaturity of the latter, a legion of little robot minions where one in particular acquires co-starring role and many winks, references, cameos or brief appearances of various characters or specific details that make up the animated world of Hanna Barbera (al It seems the idea was that this film was the opening of his cinematographic universe, something that COVID-19 and unfavorable reviews have already ruined).

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